Meal Plan – 31st January


I was bit bad this week and have only just this morning (Tuesday) ordered my weekly shop to arrive on Wednesday morning. Thankfully with me in all day I can generally make this work fine but I hate being so unorganised.

I started my meal plan Monday night while I was cooking dinner for me and my husband which was late to be doing it in itself but half way through I was doing a bit of tidying up around the house and I found one of the family cats had died. It was very expected, she was super old and not well at all but after that I wasn’t really in the mood for sorting things out.

The picture up top is of the butter chicken curry I made last week, not the prettiest of meals but I think its a really yummy curry. As you can see I love to add a load of cauliflower to curries, I’m sure its nothing like a traditional butter chicken curry its just my version that we like. Also I know the portion looks tiny, it is, I’m a little and often type of person when it comes to food.

So this is our plan for the week.

Butter Chicken Curry – This is leftover from Friday which I froze.

Prawn Salad

Vegetable Singapore Noodles – page 181 of the “all in one” slimming world book (I couldn’t find a link for this one)

Chicken and chorizo paella – Jamie Oliver recipe without the prawns

Cheats leek macaroni cheese – Slimming world recipe

Roast – I will attempt this again, hopefully I’ll feel better about it this time round, I’m going to make it how I’ve always made it though so it will not be healthy!

Beef stew – This was a leftover that was put into the freezer

Whenever I make a meal that I can make enough for another meal and freeze I do, I find this reduces our food bill and also makes sure I’m not spending every evening cooking a big meal but we still have something thats homemade and packed full of veg.

Each week we make sure we try one or two dishes we haven’t made before, use something from the freezer from a previous week and also something that I have made many times before and don’t have to think about how to make it as I go on auto pilot. This seems to work well for us so that we don’t get stuck in a rut but also I’m not spending my life trying to decipher recipes. I don’t know about anyone else but when I cook from a recipe it seems to take me forever to get it made.

At the moment Sofia doesn’t eat tea with us as we had to bring her bedtime forward a while ago so the meal plans I post on here are just for me and my husband. On Sundays we make dinner early though so we do all eat together.

I miss eating together every night, firstly its easier just sorting out one meal but also because my family was always an eat at the table together each night type of family and its something I want to carry on with my children. Unfortunately with children you are always having to adapt routines, there will come a time again when Sofia will eat with us again every night just not yet, with her being so young and not having naps during the day she needs an early bed time.

Danielle xx


This Weekend

It was an up and down weekend for me, pretty much thats usual though. Id like to say its a pregnancy thing, and it definitely doesn’t help but its not that, its just how I am. I have the worst mood swings, I think my husband must be a saint to keep up with me some times.

We had an earlier than normal start on Saturday but hopefully soon it will be our normal as Sofia has started dance lessons on Saturday mornings. Its a class just for little ones and from how its been explained to me its more about getting them moving around and learning movements than actual dance techniques which to me sounds like a good thing as she’s only 2 and half!

My sister in law teaches the class and I think that helped in making Sofia feel comfortable and enjoy herself as she hasn’t ever been to a class before let alone one where you leave them to it. I never did mummy and me classes due to my awful social anxiety.

While Sofia was having fun dancing, me and Chris got a rare 45mins just us so we went across the road to the Costa to have a coffee which was really nice, I had a hot chocolate as I don’t drink tea or coffee though. Unfortunately hot chocolate doesn’t wake you up like coffee does!

Once Sofia was finished she came out with a big smile on her face and holding a feather that she had been playing with in class. Ive tried to get her to show me what she was doing with the feather but she won’t. I think a class like this will do her a lot of good, she spends all her time with me and we don’t know many other children so she isn’t around a lot of kids. Thankfully she doesn’t seem to have any problems with socialising from what we have seen but I just don’t want it to be a complete shock to her when she starts nursery.

We then went to go swimming. This is something we do most weekends but have been very lax on it recently. Basically I got ill over the Christmas period so we didn’t go for a few weeks but that carried on after I got better.

Swimming is something we all enjoy but once it gets out of the routine I have to push myself to start going again. I think before this weekend we had only been once as a family since Christmas. Chris goes to the gym there each week and is a lot better than me at pushing himself to go. But it has been freezing and swimming seems to be the last thing I want to do when its cold! But I’m glad we went.

Things went a bit downhill after swimming though, I felt good about the morning so when we got home and the momentum stopped my mood fell. It happens every time, I go from being really happy and feeling really good to like I’ve just face planted the floor and its not because anything bad happened it just seems to take for me to stop for my mood to fall off a cliff.

The same happened on Sunday. We had a good productive morning of going out to get a Chicken for the roast that evening and some bits for my hospital bag for when I have this baby.

The fall wasn’t quite as bad as on Saturday but it was still there. I don’t think it helps that its so cold at the moment. Sorry to keep winging on about the temperature, I just constantly feel cold and it helps to put me in a bad mood!

I really want spring to arrive. I want the grey dreary sky and the cold to go away, I’m sick of feeling down. I do seem to be effected by the seasons a lot when it comes to my mood.

My parents went on holiday to the Caribbean on Saturday so we have the house to ourselves for 2 weeks which is nice. Things just seem to run smoother when theres only one household living here, I’m sure they feel the same when we are away. Don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful for what my parents do for us but it doesn’t mean its a perfect situation.

But with my parents away I made the roast dinner and WOW am I out of practice. It was a right flop. Well by my standards anyways. My mum does an amazing roast dinner and I used to be able to make a good one but I tried to make it as healthy as I could for my husband but it just didn’t work out as well as I would have hoped.

On a good note I made a slimming world friendly version of roast potatoes from a recipe which were really nice.


I managed to pick myself back up on Sunday evening by having a nice hot bath with one of the scented candles I had treated myself to while we were shopping and listening to some relaxing music, its about the only way I can really wind down at the moment.

Sorry for the lack of photos from this weekend, I was bit crappy at getting the camera out.


The above photo isn’t a great photo, It was just Sofias reaction to dropping an egg after she had been told not to play with it. She wasn’t expecting it to smash!

Danielle xx

32 Weeks Pregnant


I meant to write this yesterday after my appointment but it all went bit wrong as Sofia had a 10 minute nap in the car and then wouldn’t go to bed until half 9! (she is usually in bed between 6-7pm)

So I’m 32 weeks and two days today. I had my 32 week growth scan yesterday afternoon. Baby is looking ok, she is 3lb 11oz at the moment which I’m told is the low end of normal for 32 weeks. It looks like maybe I just make small babies, Sofia was 5lb 15oz when she was born. I have another growth scan booked for 36 weeks to make sure the baby is still growing well.

Baby likes being awkward at scans, she never seems to be in the position the radiographer wants her to be in for getting measurements. Apparently she is head down at the moment, I guess its early days but hopefully she will stay that way.

Im finding sleeping so difficult now, I feel like I never get a good nights sleep.

Really struggling with the tiredness, I know I say this every time but it just seems to be getting worse. Most of the day I feel like I’m just going through the motions cause I just don’t have the energy to put into anything at the moment.

Its making me really crabby as well, I keep getting annoyed over everything. Ive never been one of them wives who gets annoyed at their husband for not reading their mind but at the moment I can’t help it, half the time I just feel too exhausted to explain everything that needs doing especially since usually it would be me who does most of the things I’m getting frustrated over so its not really even his fault as he wouldn’t think to do the little bits I do to keep things ticking over.

This is just what tiredness does to you, well me anyways, it changes me into someone I don’t like. I don’t play enough with Sofia, Im an annoying wife and I can’t do what I want to get done so I get frustrated all the time. I know I have a lot of tiredness to come with a newborn but it is different to when your pregnant, I feel like my body is the problem not a little baby who doesn’t want to go to sleep and I’m finding it really difficult to be patient with myself, its easier to be patient with a baby.

It doesn’t help that although Sofia is only 2 and half she doesn’t nap anymore, she dropped her last nap at 1 and half much to my dismay, I used to love nap time. It was a chance to get some down time to myself or get something id been trying to get done but couldn’t with a little one around without feeling guilty that someone else was looking after her but nap time hasn’t been a thing in our house for a long time unfortunately.

Im still finding my back and hips are really painful by the end of each day. The only thing that even slightly helps is hot baths.

Maybe a little tmi but I’m needing to go the loo so often now, I can’t seem to manage the night anymore without at least one trip to the loo and during the day I feel like I’m constantly in there and when I’m not it feels like she’s sat onto of my bladder!

To be honest things aren’t really too much different week to week now, everything just gets bit harder the bigger I get and although she’s a tiny baby, I feel massive.

Danielle xx

Meal Plan – 24th January


I was actually good this week and did our weekly shop from Tesco on Sunday night like I mean to every week and never manage it. Making a meal plan really helps with this.

I also really do find I spend less when I’ve made a meal plan, its easier to stick to what you need when you know what your going to be making. Our shop isn’t being super cheap at the moment though as we are buying so much fruit and veg, but thats much better than spending a load on food thats bad for us.

I find with having lots of nice fruit in I’m snacking on the bad stuff less. Id much rather a handful of grapes than a bag of crisps. I think I was eating a lot of junk as snacks just because it was there and it was convenient but to be honest most fruit doesn’t take much prep work so I find I’m choosing that.

Our grocery shop arrived today (Tuesday) so I’ve started this weeks meal plan on Tuesday evening. Theres no meat in the picture up top as I generally don’t buy it on weekly shops unless we need something for a meal that we don’t already have in, I buy lots of meat at a time and freeze it so I can portion it and not waste any.

Chicken enchiladas – not exactly a healthy meal but we have a jar of sauce that needs using

Chicken Salad

Cheesy mushroom pasta – page 77 of the “all in one” slimming world book

Butter chicken curry – again, not exactly too healthy but we have half a jar of curry paste that needs using

Turkey, apple and cider casserole – cooked in the slow cooker

Roast dinner

Spaghetti Bolognese

We are trying to make our evening meals as healthy/slimming world compliant as possible but we have lots of food in the cupboard which needs using so we won’t be wasting that, we will just try spread it out over time so theres not too much impact.

Danielle xx

This Weekend


We had a really nice weekend this week.


On Saturday we drove over to see my grandad. My parents, brothers and my brothers partner and little one came too. Its not too often that my family gets together and this isn’t by any means the whole family but it was lovely to see my grandad none the less.

I think he really enjoys seeing our little girls. My grandads partner was there too and I think she was smitten with Sofia and Tahlia!


They were both so well behaved all day even while we were out at Gusto for lunch.

Sofia got to make her own pizza and she was so proud of herself. I think she actually ate more of it because she made it herself!


After lunch we went for a walk along the seaside but it was absolutely freezing and with me having a baby sat on my bladder, we ended up cutting the walk short and went back to my grandads house for nibbles and some pudding.



Sofia was fast asleep in the car and just went straight to bed once we got home. Me and Chris were shattered too so we went to bed pretty much as soon as we got in too. It was a long day but a really nice one.

Sunday just had to be a fairly lazy day as were tired from Saturday.

Kindly my mum and dad looked after Sofia for us for a couple of hours while me and Chris nipped up to IKEA to get some bits and bobs for Sofias new bedroom. It was really nice to have a couple of hours to ourselves out of the house, it doesn’t really happen very often. We try to have a date night/afternoon once every couple of months but it probably ends up being every 3 months or so. I always feel bad asking people to look after Sofia, I think its because I see it as my “job” as such.

The room Sofia has moved into is painted white so we decided to get lots of colourful bits. I can’t wait to have it finished for her. Her bed is being delivered today so I can start to get on with it once we have put that up.

We got a small Kallax unit for some extra storage in her room with some yellow boxes to have in it. I spent Sunday evening putting that together, I had a little bit of help from my dad but it was pretty much by myself! Im not exactly great at the building type of DIY so I think I did pretty well.

My brother, Douglas, and his partner, Darcy and my niece came over in the afternoon and Darcy cut Chris’s hair. It was looking a bit long. They brought their puppy, Lola over with them too. Sofia loves the dog. She is really cute but so so energetic, I much prefer when dogs get a bit older and they just want to cuddle on the sofa.

I think Sofia wishes we had a dog, she seems to have an imaginary friend pet dog which she likes to pet and play with. When I took her to the park the other day she was throwing sticks for her imaginary dog!

We have a couple of things coming up this week, for me its going to be a fairly busy week. We have Sofias bed comping today, then on Thursday I have a dentist appointment and a growth scan for the baby.

Ill be having a growth scan at 32 weeks and 36 weeks I think just to make sure the baby is growing ok as with Sofia I was induced at 39 weeks because she seemed to have stopped growing. Theres no reason it should happen again but its a just to keep an eye on things type of thing.

Danielle xx

Getting ready for our second baby

Apart from the stuff like things for the hospital bag, nappies and day to day bits and bobs, I think we are sorted on “baby stuff”. I can’t think of anything more this baby could need.

We have our pram as we bought that a while ago and have been using it for Sofia for a while as we hated the one we originally got for Sofia, we mostly use a stroller for her these days but she does still fit in the pram. We went for the Mothercare Orb in red. I was looking at prams with my brother when they were expecting Tahlia (she’s now nearly a year old) and I saw the Orb on sale and fell in love with it pretty much instantly, my brother wasn’t keen on it but the shop assistant had come to talk to us and let us know they were selling the display model at an even lower price than the sale price so I asked if she would be able to hold it for me till the end of the day so I could speak to my husband about it. When I got home I did my research on it as it wasn’t a pram I had seen before and spoke to Chris about it. When we bought the pram we made sure to buy the Maxi-Cosi Pebble infant car seat in light blue plus adapters and the isofix base for the car which I also found on sale to go with it as we knew we would be wanting another baby relatively soon after. I know the pram is red and the car seat is blue but when the pram part isn’t attached there isn’t any red on the frame and I fell in love with the blue when I was looking for a car seat. The pram came with a footmuff and raincover and we have bought a footmuff and raincover for the car seat too just incase its cold when she’s little.

In terms of where she will sleep, we have bought the Snuzpod, I like the thought that I can breastfeed in bed then scoot her back into her own bed easily. With Sofia we borrowed a Moses basket from my sister in law and Sofia hated being in it and would wake up as soon as she was put back into it so we needed up bed sharing which isn’t something I want this time. Its not that I’m against it, it was lovely but we have only just got our bed back to ourselves as it is and we want to try keep it that way! Its also bigger than I remember the Moses basket being so I think it should last longer.

We have tons of clothes as we kept all Sofia’s old clothes and we are having another girl. We have bought a couple of new bits but we are trying to keep it to a minimum to save money as Sofia’s old clothes are all in great condition still.

Same as above really on toys, we kept all Sofias ones and have added a couple of little bits that are new for the new baby but we aren’t going mad on buying new stuff.

I plan to breastfeed again so we haven’t bothered buying any more bottles etc. Once I have breastfeeding established I will decide what I want to do about expressing. With Sofia I had a manual pump and I hated using it so I didn’t use it very often at all, I also didn’t feel comfortable leaving her for a very long time so it didn’t really matter that I didn’t express. This time I’m sure I will be bit more relaxed about letting other people look after her so I think I will want to express and if thats the case I will be looking into getting an electric pump. But thats all on the assumption that I will manage to breastfeed again so I’m going to wait and see how things go.

We have bought a chair for in the bath and a couple of new changing mats as we chucked our old ones away, they were getting tatty, a new one for downstairs and one for upstairs. We will probably just bath the baby in the sink while she’s really tiny which is what we did with Sofia but I’m not getting the baby bath out this time round. The chair is so we can just bath both Sofia and the baby together once she’s big enough.

I have got a baby wrap to try. I didn’t try “baby wearing” or whatever it is called with Sofia but she was such a clingy baby and I literally held her for her first few months of her life, any time I put her down she would cry constantly, she even hated swings and bouncers, only mummy or daddy would do. If our second is like this its going to make life with a toddler impossible so we will try using a wrap if we ever work out how to tie it!

We have also got a new baby monitor as Sofia still uses the one we had for her, I know a lot of people stop after a while but she still wakes up numerous times in the night and when we are downstairs we can’t hear her in her bedroom so we do need to keep it in there.

We do already have most things as this is our second child and I’m pretty much of the mind set that its not the end of the world if we come across something we need when they baby is here as we can always get it then. I was so stressed the first time round to make sure everything was covered but I’m so much more laid back about it now which is quite nice.

Danielle xx

31 Weeks Pregnant


Today I’m 31 weeks and a day pregnant.

The little lady stretches more than jabs me now, I think she’s running out of room. She’s so active. Sofia was the complete opposite, I actually went into hospital a few times for monitoring last time but theres no worrying about that this time! She lets me know she’s ok ALL THE TIME!

Im really hormonal I think, I have really bad mood swings. To be honest its something I’ve had the whole time which is why my depression had come back early on during this pregnancy. My head just doesn’t deal well with the imbalances.

Im really struggling with tiredness and not being able to be as mobile these days. When I say mobile, I don’t mean I can’t walk but I have pretty bad lower back pain and pelvic pain and by the end of the day I do start to struggle going from sitting to standing etc and its quite painful. I don’t remember this happening when I was pregnant with Sofia. My back is getting really bad, if I try carry anything, even a light load of laundry, I regret it immediately. Sofia doesn’t help cause she’s always wanting to be picked up and at 2 and half years old she’s not light!

Im really starting to struggle with Sofia, and I feel like she’s running circles round me these days. She hates having her nappy changed or a change or clothes in general at the moment and its a real fight pretty much every time, I’m really finding it hard to essentially make her have it changed. She’s so strong and kicks when she doesn’t want to be changed and I’m so scared she will kick the baby.

Im starting to panic about how soon this baby will be arriving! Im excited but a bit scared too, I love being Sofias mummy and being able to give her my undivided attention but I just can’t see how I will manage that with a newborn. I guess I’m scared of the logistics of it all, I know once she’s here I will find my stride with two children, I’m just worried about the time at the beginning where I’m sure I will be flailing!

Only 9 weeks left!

Danielle xx

Meal plan – January 16th

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In an effort to keep to my meal plans and be able to look back over past food ideas I thought it would be beneficial to me to post them, so here is this weeks meal plan.

I did my weekly online shop with ASDA this week on Monday evening to arrive on Tuesday. I am really bad for leaving it late but this is something I’m trying to work on. I just want to get the super organised Danielle back again this year, I kinda lost her last year when I became pregnant as I was just trying to get by day by day when I wasn’t feeling well.

I don’t meal plan for lunches as thats just a step too far for me, I need to have plenty of flexibility during the day.

So here is the plan for this week – Ive done till Monday next week as I usually try to book the groceries to arrive on Tuesdays.

Leftover curry with wholemeal rice and naan bread – This is from a butter chicken curry I made in the past and put in the freezer.

Sweet and sour chicken with rice – Page 57 of the “50 free original recipes” Slimming world book – I will add a load of veg to this

Salad – We usually have a salad every Wednesday evening with my parents which my mum makes

Slow cooker beef stew with potatoes and lots of veg cooked in it

Stuffed lemony chicken with potato wedges – Page 30 of the “extra easy all in one” Slimming world book – Im going to use light Philadelphia instead of quark to stuff the chicken with and we will probably have some broccoli with this

We are going to be going to see my grandad and have lunch out so I’m not sure what time we will be home or how hungry we will be so ill figure it out on the day

Roast dinner – We usually have a roast dinner with my parents and my brother and his family come for dinner most weeks

Steak with a kind of peppercorn sauce and sautéed potatoes – Page 18 of the “Extra easy express” Slimming world book – we will probably have this with some broccoli

Danielle xx

The picture up top was last nights meal, Tuesday nights sweet and sour chicken. It was really nice, I wasn’t expecting it to be as nice as it was as to be honest I wasn’t overly convinced the slimming world versions of things could live up to their unhealthy counterparts but I would happily have this over a Chinese takeaway any time!