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29 Weeks Pregnant


Im 29 weeks and 3 days pregnant today with my second baby. Im really not good at being pregnant, I know its a weird thing to say, I just don’t feel like my body copes very well with it. I definitely haven’t achieved the “pregnancy glow” some women manage. This pregnancy id go as far to say I hate being pregnant. I do realise how lucky I am to have a beautiful healthy 2 year old and another so far healthy pregnancy and baby but its so hard feeling awful to varying degrees for 9 months.

I feel like this second pregnancy has definitely been harder than my first. My depression came back in the first trimester and hasn’t really gone away too much since, there are days where I’m a lot better but they are few and far between, I’m just trying to plod on the best I can. I seem to be catching every little thing at the moment and have constantly been ill with one thing or another since about mid November. I don’t think my immune system is as good when I’m pregnant at all and its not that great to begin with!

Sorry this all sounds so down in the dumps. I just keep looking forward to my due date (or there about obviously). I can’t wait to meet our daughter and cuddle a newborn again. I’m really looking forward to seeing Sofia with her little sister, she already loves her, she’s always kissing my belly, its so very cute.

I feel like I’m huge with this pregnancy, I’ve looked back at the few photos I have of me when I was pregnant with Sofia and I look a good few weeks ahead of what I was.

I’m at that stage where when I’m laying in the bath she wriggles about and my whole belly moves around like some strange alien trying to get out. Its my favourite thing about pregnancy, probably the only thing I like. Theres something so lovely when its just me and her and she lets me know she’s there.

Danielle xx

The picture up top is from when I was 32 weeks pregnant with Sofia, it was from our engagement photo shoot. I think I look about this big now this time round! The photo was taken byΒ Happily Ever Captured.


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