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My little family


I thought I should probably write a bit about me and the most important people in my world.

Im 28 years old and a stay at home mum as I’ve already mentioned. There really was never a career I could ever settle on or say that I really wanted to be when I was younger and its only been the last 3-4 years that I realised the reason, any career I chose would take away from my main focus which was I wanted to be a mum and more than anything wanted to be as present in my children’s lives as I could be. I know there are certain careers that lend themselves well to being around for your children, I just never found anything I was interested enough to stick with and dedicate myself to. I’m hoping that once my children are older and in school I will find what it is that I want to do but for now I’m happy just being Sofia’s mummy and soon to be mum of two.

Outside of being a mum I’m really just a pretty normal 28 year old I think. I love the usual things girls love, make up, shopping, home interiors, etc. I’m not a very social person, I find it really difficult and have done for a very long time. I have pretty bad social anxiety and I have suffered with depression (obviously on and off) since I was a teenager. I don’t really want to get into them topics just yet as I would end up writing an essay as I end up feeling I have to justify myself and I go round and round in circles. Right now I’m coping well with the anxiety, I stopped seeing a councillor (this time round) a couple of months back. The depression has been rearing its ugly head during the pregnancy but I’m so much better about seeing it and talking about it and my husband helps me enormously when I need it. Over all, all things considered, I do think I’m in a fairly healthy place for me mentally which I’m pretty proud of. As I said, I don’t really want to delve into it too much right now but just know it takes a lot of work for me to feel even fairly healthy mentally so its definitely a good thing!

On 14th March I will have been Mrs Jackson for 2 years. It really has just flown by! Me and my husband, Chris, will have been together for 6 years on the same day but it feels like I’ve been with him forever. He just turned 30 in November last year and he works for the NHS making educational material and other things. To be totally honest I can’t really explain completely what he does as I don’t fully know everything as its so varied. He worked so hard to get to where he is, when I was a couple of months pregnant with Sofia he started an apprenticeship at where he works now and he is now doing so much more there than the role the apprenticeship was ever intended for. I really can’t explain how proud I am of him for everything he’s done for our family, its not been an easy few years. He is an amazing father to Sofia and he helps me more than his fair share especially at the moment as I’m so tired all the time.

Our daughter is called Sofia as you probably know. She turned 2 and a half on Christmas Day. She is my everything. She was tiny when she was born, I remember sending my dad out the day she was born to buy some tiny baby sized sleep suits as the newborn ones I had brought to the hospital just swamped her. She has gorgeous curly hair and her daddy’s deep brown eyes. According to my mum she has been just like I was when I was little, super clingy, awful sleeper and so so stubborn! And she is all them things but she’s also so affectionate, polite, imaginative, bright and just so worth how much hard work she is sometimes. She’s definitely got the terrible twos down!

So thats just a few things about us, just the basics really but hopefully it gives a little background of how things are in my life.

Danielle xx

The photo was taken by my aunt at our wedding in 2015.


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  1. Loved being a stay at home mom…enjoy every minute. I stayed at home to raise five children and never regretted it. When baby #5 was 9 I returned to work as a secretary in his school so I had summers off to still be with my children. Now they are grown with children of their own and I love being with my grandchildren!

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