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Back to normallity


This week is the first full week back to the normal routines since my husband had time off work over the festive period. He went back to work on Tuesday last week so technically last week should have been but it just didn’t seem to feel like it.

Whenever he has a lump of time off work I always dread him going back but once we are there I’m always glad of it. Don’t get me wrong, I love having my husband around but we are very lucky in that his normal working hours are really good, he leaves the house just before 7 on a morning and gets back just before 4 on an afternoon, so me and Sofia do still see lots of him during the week which I’m so glad of. But when he is off work I always feel this pressure to make the most of the time and also to be totally honest Sofia starts being a lot more troublesome when her daddy is home for extended amounts of time.

We aren’t really sure why. My best guess is that when its just me and her during the week she knows what to expect, we do the core things like getting up and eating at pretty much the same time every day. But when we are all home as a family I’m a lot more laid back and we tend to just work around what we are doing that day so set routines go a little out the window I guess. Maybe this is a mistake on my part but its one I’m probably never going to change. We try to keep bedtime routines the same though.

It seems to take her a few days to adjust back but I think thats why its a bit of a relief when we get things back to normal.

Danielle xx


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