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This weekend


Its been a bit of an up and down weekend for me really.

We had a lovely Saturday.

We went to golden acre park near us to have a nice walk and for Sofia to feed the ducks. It was freezing, thankfully Sofia didn’t fight me on wearing her hat and gloves. We also managed to get to the bank before it closed to put some cheques in that I had been meaning to put in but kept forgetting until too late in the day, I always seem to remember things at the worst possible time.


It was a good day all round but then today I’ve just not been feeling my best at all.

Its one of them days where I’m on the verge of tears all day for absolutely no reason. We’ve had a pretty lazy day mainly as when I get like this I really struggle with motivation. I feel a bit empty and like everything feels slightly off kilter.

Im sorry if this doesn’t make a lot of sense and is very rambley, Its one of the times I need to just get it out of my head and maybe at the end I can put it behind me and feel a little better.

There is absolutely nothing wrong, no one did anything to upset me, I’m not ill, Sofia hasn’t been too bad behaviour wise. I just feel really down, but I’m not sad, its difficult to describe, its a little bit like a heavy and slow feeling. Usually my brain is always going, always thinking, I have many nights where Im unable to sleep as it won’t shut off no matter what I try. But on days like today its slow and I zone out constantly which is not normal for me. I sit and stare a lot, its difficult to make myself move and I keep crying but with no reason or feeling behind why.

Sorry for the odd post and I know theres no real conclusion to it, I’m still feeling this way and I really don’t know how to change it but tomorrow hopefully I will feel normal again.

Danielle xx


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