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Getting back on track

So yesterday was apparently blue Monday. The day we are all supposed to be down. I think I had more of a blue Sunday. I can’t say I was 100% yesterday but I felt so much better from how crappy I was on Sunday and today I feel pretty much back to normal.

We’ve just had a grocery delivery from ASDA and I’ve just reorganised our kitchen cupboard and fridge and my back is now killing me. We live with my parents currently but we sort out our own food minus 2 evening meals a week (Wednesday and Sunday) which we all eat together to make sure we still do eat together, I think family meals are so important. We are lucky that my parents have a big enough house that we get our own space while we are here but space in the kitchen is still tight as we have two of most things around.

Chris has decided he wants to be healthier and try to loose some weight. We aren’t overly bad with what we eat, we could just be better about the way we go about our cooking. Like not using so much oil and butter etc. So I have decided we will try to adopt some of the slimming world principles into our diet. My mum did it a good while ago and it worked really well for her. I don’t want to loose any weight as I’m pregnant so for me and Sofia we will just stay pretty much the same but our evening meal will be bit better for us. Chris will be trying to stick to some of the slimming world rules or guidelines along with upping the amount of exercise he gets in an effort to try and loose a bit.

Hense me needing to reorganise a few things in the fridge and cupboard as this weeks food shop was a little different to our normal ones so everything wouldn’t have fit! Its bit like Tetris when putting food away each week, trying to make sure everything fits.

I don’t know about anyone else but I get really excited about the weekly shop, I’m not really even sure why. I think its a little bit of a fresh start each week, I clear out everything that needs getting rid of and fill it up with lots of nice fresh fruit and veg and other bits too of course but I think its the fresh stuff that makes me really happy.

Im actually feeling really good today, Ive taken a step in the right direction with getting organised over the past few days. I used to be good about doing meal planning, then I got pregnant and I felt so sick at the beginning that I wasn’t able to keep to a plan, it was more of a case of we just made whatever I felt I could stomach that day. That only really stopped around 20 weeks and I haven’t picked the ball back up really since.

Recently we moved Sofia into a different bedroom, she was in a tiny room and me and Chris had a slightly bigger room as a dressing room. So we have switched them over, the dressing room doesn’t need to be big and its better for Sofia to have the space. Its very bare as we hadn’t planned any further than the actual move so I had been trying to decide what to do with her room.

We knew she would need a new bed at some point as she is using a toddler bed which changes into a cot which once our baby is born and slightly older, she will use. It seems silly to buy a second cot which would never be used again after our second baby grows out of it. Originally we were going to get Sofia a new toddler bed to save space but in terms of price it seemed better in the long run to get her a single bed which she will use for many years to come. So we have ordered her a big girl single bed which will come next week, then I can get on and get her bedroom finished and looking nice again.

There are still things I want to change/get back to but I feel like I’ve done something towards the goals I’ve set and I’m feeling so much better for it.

Danielle xx


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