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Meal plan – January 16th

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In an effort to keep to my meal plans and be able to look back over past food ideas I thought it would be beneficial to me to post them, so here is this weeks meal plan.

I did my weekly online shop with ASDA this week on Monday evening to arrive on Tuesday. I am really bad for leaving it late but this is something I’m trying to work on. I just want to get the super organised Danielle back again this year, I kinda lost her last year when I became pregnant as I was just trying to get by day by day when I wasn’t feeling well.

I don’t meal plan for lunches as thats just a step too far for me, I need to have plenty of flexibility during the day.

So here is the plan for this week – Ive done till Monday next week as I usually try to book the groceries to arrive on Tuesdays.

Leftover curry with wholemeal rice and naan bread – This is from a butter chicken curry I made in the past and put in the freezer.

Sweet and sour chicken with rice – Page 57 of the “50 free original recipes” Slimming world book – I will add a load of veg to this

Salad – We usually have a salad every Wednesday evening with my parents which my mum makes

Slow cooker beef stew with potatoes and lots of veg cooked in it

Stuffed lemony chicken with potato wedges – Page 30 of the “extra easy all in one” Slimming world book – Im going to use light Philadelphia instead of quark to stuff the chicken with and we will probably have some broccoli with this

We are going to be going to see my grandad and have lunch out so I’m not sure what time we will be home or how hungry we will be so ill figure it out on the day

Roast dinner – We usually have a roast dinner with my parents and my brother and his family come for dinner most weeks

Steak with a kind of peppercorn sauce and sautéed potatoes – Page 18 of the “Extra easy express” Slimming world book – we will probably have this with some broccoli

Danielle xx

The picture up top was last nights meal, Tuesday nights sweet and sour chicken. It was really nice, I wasn’t expecting it to be as nice as it was as to be honest I wasn’t overly convinced the slimming world versions of things could live up to their unhealthy counterparts but I would happily have this over a Chinese takeaway any time!


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