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31 Weeks Pregnant


Today I’m 31 weeks and a day pregnant.

The little lady stretches more than jabs me now, I think she’s running out of room. She’s so active. Sofia was the complete opposite, I actually went into hospital a few times for monitoring last time but theres no worrying about that this time! She lets me know she’s ok ALL THE TIME!

Im really hormonal I think, I have really bad mood swings. To be honest its something I’ve had the whole time which is why my depression had come back early on during this pregnancy. My head just doesn’t deal well with the imbalances.

Im really struggling with tiredness and not being able to be as mobile these days. When I say mobile, I don’t mean I can’t walk but I have pretty bad lower back pain and pelvic pain and by the end of the day I do start to struggle going from sitting to standing etc and its quite painful. I don’t remember this happening when I was pregnant with Sofia. My back is getting really bad, if I try carry anything, even a light load of laundry, I regret it immediately. Sofia doesn’t help cause she’s always wanting to be picked up and at 2 and half years old she’s not light!

Im really starting to struggle with Sofia, and I feel like she’s running circles round me these days. She hates having her nappy changed or a change or clothes in general at the moment and its a real fight pretty much every time, I’m really finding it hard to essentially make her have it changed. She’s so strong and kicks when she doesn’t want to be changed and I’m so scared she will kick the baby.

Im starting to panic about how soon this baby will be arriving! Im excited but a bit scared too, I love being Sofias mummy and being able to give her my undivided attention but I just can’t see how I will manage that with a newborn. I guess I’m scared of the logistics of it all, I know once she’s here I will find my stride with two children, I’m just worried about the time at the beginning where I’m sure I will be flailing!

Only 9 weeks left!

Danielle xx


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  1. Aww you have a lovely bump! it does seem to go very fast doesn’t it! Im sure you will be fine with two babies you sound like a very good mum! I think everyone must panic before having their second child. I’m already worrying about it and i’m only on baby number 1 lol XXX

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    • Thanks 🙂 I think everyone panics before any baby I guess, I know I did it first time round too, adding another person to your already happy family is scary. I don’t think it could ever really be a bad thing tho, theres absolutely nothing in the world that compares to having children. It’ll just be an adjustment! xx

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