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Getting ready for our second baby

Apart from the stuff like things for the hospital bag, nappies and day to day bits and bobs, I think we are sorted on “baby stuff”. I can’t think of anything more this baby could need.

We have our pram as we bought that a while ago and have been using it for Sofia for a while as we hated the one we originally got for Sofia, we mostly use a stroller for her these days but she does still fit in the pram. We went for the Mothercare Orb in red. I was looking at prams with my brother when they were expecting Tahlia (she’s now nearly a year old) and I saw the Orb on sale and fell in love with it pretty much instantly, my brother wasn’t keen on it but the shop assistant had come to talk to us and let us know they were selling the display model at an even lower price than the sale price so I asked if she would be able to hold it for me till the end of the day so I could speak to my husband about it. When I got home I did my research on it as it wasn’t a pram I had seen before and spoke to Chris about it. When we bought the pram we made sure to buy the Maxi-Cosi Pebble infant car seat in light blue plus adapters and the isofix base for the car which I also found on sale to go with it as we knew we would be wanting another baby relatively soon after. I know the pram is red and the car seat is blue but when the pram part isn’t attached there isn’t any red on the frame and I fell in love with the blue when I was looking for a car seat. The pram came with a footmuff and raincover and we have bought a footmuff and raincover for the car seat too just incase its cold when she’s little.

In terms of where she will sleep, we have bought the Snuzpod, I like the thought that I can breastfeed in bed then scoot her back into her own bed easily. With Sofia we borrowed a Moses basket from my sister in law and Sofia hated being in it and would wake up as soon as she was put back into it so we needed up bed sharing which isn’t something I want this time. Its not that I’m against it, it was lovely but we have only just got our bed back to ourselves as it is and we want to try keep it that way! Its also bigger than I remember the Moses basket being so I think it should last longer.

We have tons of clothes as we kept all Sofia’s old clothes and we are having another girl. We have bought a couple of new bits but we are trying to keep it to a minimum to save money as Sofia’s old clothes are all in great condition still.

Same as above really on toys, we kept all Sofias ones and have added a couple of little bits that are new for the new baby but we aren’t going mad on buying new stuff.

I plan to breastfeed again so we haven’t bothered buying any more bottles etc. Once I have breastfeeding established I will decide what I want to do about expressing. With Sofia I had a manual pump and I hated using it so I didn’t use it very often at all, I also didn’t feel comfortable leaving her for a very long time so it didn’t really matter that I didn’t express. This time I’m sure I will be bit more relaxed about letting other people look after her so I think I will want to express and if thats the case I will be looking into getting an electric pump. But thats all on the assumption that I will manage to breastfeed again so I’m going to wait and see how things go.

We have bought a chair for in the bath and a couple of new changing mats as we chucked our old ones away, they were getting tatty, a new one for downstairs and one for upstairs. We will probably just bath the baby in the sink while she’s really tiny which is what we did with Sofia but I’m not getting the baby bath out this time round. The chair is so we can just bath both Sofia and the baby together once she’s big enough.

I have got a baby wrap to try. I didn’t try “baby wearing” or whatever it is called with Sofia but she was such a clingy baby and I literally held her for her first few months of her life, any time I put her down she would cry constantly, she even hated swings and bouncers, only mummy or daddy would do. If our second is like this its going to make life with a toddler impossible so we will try using a wrap if we ever work out how to tie it!

We have also got a new baby monitor as Sofia still uses the one we had for her, I know a lot of people stop after a while but she still wakes up numerous times in the night and when we are downstairs we can’t hear her in her bedroom so we do need to keep it in there.

We do already have most things as this is our second child and I’m pretty much of the mind set that its not the end of the world if we come across something we need when they baby is here as we can always get it then. I was so stressed the first time round to make sure everything was covered but I’m so much more laid back about it now which is quite nice.

Danielle xx


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