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This Weekend


We had a really nice weekend this week.


On Saturday we drove over to see my grandad. My parents, brothers and my brothers partner and little one came too. Its not too often that my family gets together and this isn’t by any means the whole family but it was lovely to see my grandad none the less.

I think he really enjoys seeing our little girls. My grandads partner was there too and I think she was smitten with Sofia and Tahlia!


They were both so well behaved all day even while we were out at Gusto for lunch.

Sofia got to make her own pizza and she was so proud of herself. I think she actually ate more of it because she made it herself!


After lunch we went for a walk along the seaside but it was absolutely freezing and with me having a baby sat on my bladder, we ended up cutting the walk short and went back to my grandads house for nibbles and some pudding.


Sofia was fast asleep in the car and just went straight to bed once we got home. Me and Chris were shattered too so we went to bed pretty much as soon as we got in too. It was a long day but a really nice one.

Sunday just had to be a fairly lazy day as were tired from Saturday.

Kindly my mum and dad looked after Sofia for us for a couple of hours while me and Chris nipped up to IKEA to get some bits and bobs for Sofias new bedroom. It was really nice to have a couple of hours to ourselves out of the house, it doesn’t really happen very often. We try to have a date night/afternoon once every couple of months but it probably ends up being every 3 months or so. I always feel bad asking people to look after Sofia, I think its because I see it as my “job” as such.

The room Sofia has moved into is painted white so we decided to get lots of colourful bits. I can’t wait to have it finished for her. Her bed is being delivered today so I can start to get on with it once we have put that up.

We got a small Kallax unit for some extra storage in her room with some yellow boxes to have in it. I spent Sunday evening putting that together, I had a little bit of help from my dad but it was pretty much by myself! Im not exactly great at the building type of DIY so I think I did pretty well.

My brother, Douglas, and his partner, Darcy and my niece came over in the afternoon and Darcy cut Chris’s hair. It was looking a bit long. They brought their puppy, Lola over with them too. Sofia loves the dog. She is really cute but so so energetic, I much prefer when dogs get a bit older and they just want to cuddle on the sofa.

I think Sofia wishes we had a dog, she seems to have an imaginary friend pet dog which she likes to pet and play with. When I took her to the park the other day she was throwing sticks for her imaginary dog!

We have a couple of things coming up this week, for me its going to be a fairly busy week. We have Sofias bed comping today, then on Thursday I have a dentist appointment and a growth scan for the baby.

Ill be having a growth scan at 32 weeks and 36 weeks I think just to make sure the baby is growing ok as with Sofia I was induced at 39 weeks because she seemed to have stopped growing. Theres no reason it should happen again but its a just to keep an eye on things type of thing.

Danielle xx


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