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Meal Plan – 24th January


I was actually good this week and did our weekly shop from Tesco on Sunday night like I mean to every week and never manage it. Making a meal plan really helps with this.

I also really do find I spend less when I’ve made a meal plan, its easier to stick to what you need when you know what your going to be making. Our shop isn’t being super cheap at the moment though as we are buying so much fruit and veg, but thats much better than spending a load on food thats bad for us.

I find with having lots of nice fruit in I’m snacking on the bad stuff less. Id much rather a handful of grapes than a bag of crisps. I think I was eating a lot of junk as snacks just because it was there and it was convenient but to be honest most fruit doesn’t take much prep work so I find I’m choosing that.

Our grocery shop arrived today (Tuesday) so I’ve started this weeks meal plan on Tuesday evening. Theres no meat in the picture up top as I generally don’t buy it on weekly shops unless we need something for a meal that we don’t already have in, I buy lots of meat at a time and freeze it so I can portion it and not waste any.

Chicken enchiladas – not exactly a healthy meal but we have a jar of sauce that needs using

Chicken Salad

Cheesy mushroom pasta – page 77 of the “all in one” slimming world book

Butter chicken curry – again, not exactly too healthy but we have half a jar of curry paste that needs using

Turkey, apple and cider casserole – cooked in the slow cooker

Roast dinner

Spaghetti Bolognese

We are trying to make our evening meals as healthy/slimming world compliant as possible but we have lots of food in the cupboard which needs using so we won’t be wasting that, we will just try spread it out over time so theres not too much impact.

Danielle xx


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