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32 Weeks Pregnant


I meant to write this yesterday after my appointment but it all went bit wrong as Sofia had a 10 minute nap in the car and then wouldn’t go to bed until half 9! (she is usually in bed between 6-7pm)

So I’m 32 weeks and two days today. I had my 32 week growth scan yesterday afternoon. Baby is looking ok, she is 3lb 11oz at the moment which I’m told is the low end of normal for 32 weeks. It looks like maybe I just make small babies, Sofia was 5lb 15oz when she was born. I have another growth scan booked for 36 weeks to make sure the baby is still growing well.

Baby likes being awkward at scans, she never seems to be in the position the radiographer wants her to be in for getting measurements. Apparently she is head down at the moment, I guess its early days but hopefully she will stay that way.

Im finding sleeping so difficult now, I feel like I never get a good nights sleep.

Really struggling with the tiredness, I know I say this every time but it just seems to be getting worse. Most of the day I feel like I’m just going through the motions cause I just don’t have the energy to put into anything at the moment.

Its making me really crabby as well, I keep getting annoyed over everything. Ive never been one of them wives who gets annoyed at their husband for not reading their mind but at the moment I can’t help it, half the time I just feel too exhausted to explain everything that needs doing especially since usually it would be me who does most of the things I’m getting frustrated over so its not really even his fault as he wouldn’t think to do the little bits I do to keep things ticking over.

This is just what tiredness does to you, well me anyways, it changes me into someone I don’t like. I don’t play enough with Sofia, Im an annoying wife and I can’t do what I want to get done so I get frustrated all the time. I know I have a lot of tiredness to come with a newborn but it is different to when your pregnant, I feel like my body is the problem not a little baby who doesn’t want to go to sleep and I’m finding it really difficult to be patient with myself, its easier to be patient with a baby.

It doesn’t help that although Sofia is only 2 and half she doesn’t nap anymore, she dropped her last nap at 1 and half much to my dismay, I used to love nap time. It was a chance to get some down time to myself or get something id been trying to get done but couldn’t with a little one around without feeling guilty that someone else was looking after her but nap time hasn’t been a thing in our house for a long time unfortunately.

Im still finding my back and hips are really painful by the end of each day. The only thing that even slightly helps is hot baths.

Maybe a little tmi but I’m needing to go the loo so often now, I can’t seem to manage the night anymore without at least one trip to the loo and during the day I feel like I’m constantly in there and when I’m not it feels like she’s sat onto of my bladder!

To be honest things aren’t really too much different week to week now, everything just gets bit harder the bigger I get and although she’s a tiny baby, I feel massive.

Danielle xx


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