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This little girls clothes

Recently I’ve been writing a post about our weekends on Mondays, which is something I really like doing as its family time that I can look back on as most of the things we do as a family happen on weekends.

If you read my post from Saturday you will already know I wasn’t having the best weekend and we didn’t really do much. We took Sofia to dance on Saturday morning but other than that we just stayed home.

Im feeling a lot better today. Theres something about Mondays that I quite like. Its like a mini fresh start.

As I said in my post about baby stuff the other week we already have a lot of baby girl clothes as we kept all of the clothes we had for Sofia and we love most of them still.

I got them all out to go through and wash a while ago and was amazed by how small Sofia was when she was born. At the moment I have all our tiny baby size and newborn size clothes out in her drawer. I may not need the tiny baby ones but since we had them from last time it doesn’t hurt to have them there ready just in case, especially as its looking like this little girl will also be a little baby too.

We wanted to get a couple of bits that we love that won’t have been her big sisters first. Its been so difficult to only buy a couple of bits cause every time we are in a shop that sells baby stuff I see newborn clothes that are so so cute!


We got two packs of 3 sleep suits from M&S.

I really like blue floral prints on little girls. I’m not against pink I just don’t like to dress girls in pink all the time. I think the print with the rabbits all over will be our little ones coming home outfit, its my favourite.

Sorry there isn’t a link for the pack in the second picture, I couldn’t find it on their website so I’m not sure if they still do that print.


As Sofia was born in June we didn’t have any long sleeve vests for her so we picked up a pack of them from M&S too in the same prints.


We got a pack of Winnie the Pooh short sleeve vests from George. We didn’t really need more vests but if I’m honest I think they were a bit of an impulse buy but I’m sure I won’t regret having lots of vests from what I remember of looking after a newborn! These are similar, I couldn’t find the same ones online for a link.


This knitted hat and mittens were from George, this was something we didn’t have from last time as it was too warm for knitwear when Sofia was born, she had some jersey hats but barely ever used them, she spent a lot of her newborn days at home in tiny sleeveless vests because it was so hot when she was born. Im hoping it won’t be too cold when this one arrives but with it being the end of march it won’t be overly warm yet either.


This cardigan was from M&S, I loved that it was a nice pale blue that would look nice with her sleep suits and it has bear ears on the hood, it seems I can’t resist them! This is the same cardigan but in teal as I can’t find the blue that I bought in store, they have it in lots of colours.


We also got a snowsuit from George as a just in case if its cold. Again it has bear ears on the hood. They’re just too cute!

I still have lots to sort out before she arrives and only a few weeks to do it. Im very excited to meet her. Im looking forward to seeing how Sofia is as a big sister. She loves looking after dolls and is so good with Tahlia, my niece, I’m hoping she will enjoy being a big sister.

Danielle xx



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