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Meal Plan – 7th February

We have been filling the freezer with too many extra meals recently and we are at capacity!

I find it difficult to just cook for 2 people so I often make double the amount and freeze it then I can cram everything with loads of veg and we use less meat. Its kind of a win win for money and our health.

It also helps on days where neither myself or Chris want to face cooking we still have something that was home made and were not resorting to either a takeaway or bad convenience freezer food.

I had a bad weekend mood wise so I thought that just in case this week gets on top of me again, cooking is one thing I don’t have to worry about so we will be using a few things I’ve made previously and put in the freezer.

Its meant our weekly shop from ASDA is pretty small and not overly healthy looking! Still plenty of fruit though as we are all using it as snacks at the moment.

So this is what we are having this week, its really not overly exciting!

Pasta carbonara with bacon – we have a pot of carbonara sauce which needs using and this is a very easy meal for me to make.

Chicken salad

Macaroni cheese (frozen)

Chicken and chorizo paella (frozen)

Turkey stew with new potatoes (frozen)

Vegetable Singapore noodles (frozen)

Spaghetti bolognese (frozen)

Danielle xx


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