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My Sunday Photo



The picture I’ve chosen for this week isn’t the nicest photo, its just a memory I wanted to remember.

This is Sofia in her “ice castle”! She is a big fan of Frozen like most little girls, it gets played by request most days in our house. She always wants to dress up as Anna and Elsa, Anna at the beginning of the film then as soon as Elsa starts singing Let it go she wants to switch immediately.

The other day she got upset that I wouldn’t let her play on the stairs as Elsa had just made her ice staircase, then Elsa made her ice castle and she got upset that she didn’t have an ice castle.

So we decided the chair would be Sofia’s ice castle complete with an apron draped over the back with stars on (leftover from Christmas bits and bobs that were missed when putting them away this year) and we pretended the tassels on the chairs throw were icicles. This was as “ice castle”Β themed as I could throw together in the couple of minutes the song is on.

She loved standing in her castle singing the Let it go song and doing all the actions she does to it. She tries to copy Elsa, its adorable!

Danielle xx


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