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This Weekend


Its Monday morning and I am so so tired. I have a poorly toddler today, she is cuddled up on the sofa watching Team Umizoomi. It is so cold this morning.

We had a really nice weekend but to be honest this week I’m going to start this post on Thursday.

I went out of my comfort zone on Thursday, I’m really quite proud of myself for it. To most it won’t seem like a big deal but to anyone who has social anxiety as I do will know how hard these things are.

I had my midwife appointment in the morning and was having a good day, me and Sofia were both out of the house on and I wasn’t itching to get back home for once. I needed to go to the card shop on the way home but I thought that since we were already out we would walk up to M&S and get cards there and also look for some presents I needed to get.

It was midday by the time we got there and I knew it would be a while until we were home so I decided we would have lunch in the cafe. I have had lunch there many times but never just me and Sofia.

This was the first time we were going to be having lunch just the two of us. It was busier than I expected which I did struggle with but Sofia was such a good girl and ate her lunch nicely.


It was nice spending the day just the two of us and I will do it again some time when I’m feeling brave enough again.

I know I’m a grown woman but I really struggle being on my own out of the house. I can push myself to do it so I do still function when it comes to things I need to do but its still really difficult.

Although I had a good day on Thursday it was the start of a few bad nights for us. Sofia has been waking up ALOT, we are all pretty tired. I feel like I have a cold and I think Sofia does too. Last night (Sunday night) she coughed so much she was sick all over her bed, I really hate seeing my baby poorly, I feel so helpless.

On Saturday we took Sofia to her dance class in the morning. She now has a little ballet outfit to wear for it and it is just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!


She has only been going to class a few weeks but she has taken really well to it, she gets so excited to be going and to be seeing her Auntie Nia who teaches the class.

Its also really nice for me and Chris, we get to sit and have a drink together without Sofia there, I’m sure there will be a time that it feels normal but at the moment it feels really special to get 45 mins to just be the two of us.

We decided against going swimming after dance as both me and Sofia are full of cold. We went over to the white rose shopping centre to get Sofia’s feet measured at Clarks. Turns out she is still the same size at the moment but will probably need the next size up soon. So no new shoes for her just yet.


We also went to Harvester for lunch on Saturday. I think its quite a nice place, Sofia loves their kids meals, its not super expensive and the food is nice and the staff at the one we go to are always lovely.


On Sunday we needed to pretty much have a day inside as the bad nights have really taken their toll on me and Chris lately. So we didn’t do a huge amount, got some tidying done and Chris went for a run. Then in the evening we went over to my brothers house for a roast dinner.


Its always nice to see Sofia and Tahlia playing together and the roast dinner Darcy (my brothers partner) made was really yummy.

IMG_8168.JPG IMG_8192.JPG

It was a nice weekend, just a shame me and Sofia aren’t too well. Sofia doesn’t seem too bothered by it during the day but its definitely affecting her on a night.

Danielle xx


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