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Meal Plan -14th February


We were really bad last week! We didn’t manage to stick to our meal plan for all the week. Oh well!

We ended up having a takeaway on Thursday, from East which is an Indian restaurant near us. I really enjoyed that, they do the best chicken korma I’ve ever tasted there, defiantly not healthy though!

Then I think another night we had some chicken Kievs that we had in the freezer with some slimming world friendly potato wedges and vegetables.

Basically I was just really bad at remembering to get things out of the freezer to defrost.

I find its not too hard to eat healthy meals when you have planned ahead but when its just a last minute thing its a lot more difficult.

Anyways, back to this week. I meant to do our weekly shop on Sunday evening as usual but as we were over at my brothers it didn’t happen and then I wasn’t able to book a delivery slot until Wednesday (today).

You’ll find that its a reoccurring theme with me that I mean to do something only to manage to get it done days later. Ive not always been this disorganised I promise!

But this is what we are having this week, we had the pork last night and I would really recommend it, it was so nice. The picture up top is of the pork meal we had last night (Tuesday).

Herb crusted pork with apple mash

Chicken Salad

Herbed chicken skewers – page 148 of the “extra easy entertaining” slimming world book (I couldn’t find a link to the recipe)

Lasagna – not a healthy one but I love lasagna and you have to have balance!

Sweet and spicy chickpea rice – page 194 of the “extra easy express” slimming world book (I couldn’t find a link to the recipe)

Roast dinner

Sweet and sour chicken

Sorry a lot of the recipes I use I don’t have links. When I meal plan I sit and look though the recipe books I have to hand, I find it easier than searching the internet each time.

Danielle xx


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