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Meal Plan – 21st February


I actually went to Asda today in person to buy our weekly shop. I usually get it delivered.

I prefer getting it delivered, it reminded me of how much easier it is! But I had left it so late this week to think about what we were going to have which subsequently meant I hadn’t done an online shop.

So this morning I quickly threw together a meal plan, its nothing too ambitious. My main goal this week was to make my shop as light as I could as I don’t drive and it would all need to hang on Sofia’s pushchair.

Me and Sofia made the trek up to do the shop, more work on my part as she was in the chair. It was actually really nice to get out of the house. We also stopped for a hot chocolate while we were there. Im definitely getting better at pushing myself to do the every day little things when it comes to my anxiety.

So here is this weeks plan;

I had a huge lunch out with my mum, brother and niece so wasn’t hungry for tea, I ended up just nibbling on fruit. Chris had a Chicken Club Sandwich

Chicken salad

Mango Laska Chicken Curry – This is a pot of sauce I had in the cupboard that needs using, never tried it before, hopefully it will be nice.

Meatballs in a tomato sauce with spaghetti

Tumeric Chicken – This is basically a one pot rice dish thats spiced with tumeric and garlic, I add a load of orange/yellow veg with it, sweetcorn, carrots and a yellow pepper.

Roast Dinner


Danielle xx

The photo up top was taken while me and Sofia were out for lunch at The Calverley Arms on Tuesday. They do really nice pub food.


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