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Hello Again!

Sorry I was away for so long. Im back, at least for this post. I can’t really promise any more than that.

First things first, I had a baby, 11 weeks ago. On the 20th March to be exact.

This is Luna Belle. She was 5lb 7oz when she was born and oh so perfect.


This photo was taken when Luna was 2 weeks old by Georgia at Happily Ever Captured who took Luna’s newborn photos.

This is her today.


She is beautiful although I’m a little bias on that front. She is a really content baby, loves to be cuddled all day long and really doesn’t like being on her own. She loves to “talk” to us and is so close to managing a little giggle.

It was a big adjustment going from this little family that was all centred around Sofia, our first baby, to being this complete family of four. Its taken me a while to get my bearings really which is why I have been so quiet.

Anyways I just wanted to say hi again to anyone who reads these and check in really.

Danielle xx


Photo again by Happily Ever Captured.


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