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Its that time of year when I can’t help but take stock of how I feel I’m doing in life. I’m sure everyone does the same thing. I always vow to myself to do better, to be healthier, to try to be more positive, to be more present with the kids and all that. I don’t exactly make New Years resolutions as I know fully well I won’t keep them, I don’t stick with anything as I’m sure anyone reading this knows! But this year I will take better care of myself again. I am going to try health wise but I’m really meaning mentally.

I have been looking through some of the posts on this blog and it feels like its someone else talking. Like Ive lost a big part of me. I think this happened after I had Sofia as well, theres something about caring for a baby that makes you forget who you are. Well it does for me anyways. The other day my husband complimented me that I looked nice and I realised that it was not because I had made myself up or anything (because I defiantly hadn’t!) but because I was dressed and not just in something that was easy to throw on that was breastfeeding friendly, something that actually looked nice on me. I hadn’t really even realised I had let myself slip so much. I was just so focused on getting through the day as comfy and easily as possible.

So im making time to try to get back myself, I need to, even though all I want to do when I get a chance is sleep or sit and watch something that I can turn off my brain to. Im not exactly sure how I will be going about it but its going to be there in the back of my mind for me to try and strive for.

Danielle xx

Picture up top was taken by my aunt in the summer so Luna was about 4 months old. I haven’t really picked up my camera in a long time unfortunately. When I’m not in the best place mentally I don’t manage to take many pictures. Its something I need to work on as I do want photos to look back on.


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