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I’m home from taking Sofia to nursery, Luna is asleep in the stroller and I have just over an hour and a half til I need to be out the door to pick Sofia back up.

I really need to learn to look outside before we leave on a morning, I wasn’t dressed at all for the awful rain this morning, I was soaked through when I got in!

Sofia started nursery in September and to be honest its not really gone that well.

She turned 3 in June last year so she is entitled to 15 hours of Nursery a week and we thought that it would do her good to be around other children and get her used to not being with me all day before she goes into reception in September this year.

We had a couple of bad weeks at the start where she was upset when I left but after that she was ok until she started being ill and having colds at the back end of last year. I think she realised that when she was ill she didn’t have to go to nursery and that coupled with the holidays meant Sofia then didn’t want to go and I have been fighting her every morning just to get her there.

I know it sounds like I’m being awful for making her go but next year she won’t have a choice and I don’t want her thinking that kicking up a fuss on a morning means she doesn’t have to go to school. When she is there she enjoys herself and comes home saying she had fun every day so I know she is ok there.

The nursery staff have been amazing throughout it all and I feel like we are finally getting somewhere with her. Her teacher has implemented a reward chart for her at nursery where she gets to pick a picture of a bunny each day to put on the chart when she gets to nursery and they have been doing some home visits which seems to be repairing a relationship with one of the teachers who Sofia said she didn’t like as they tried to get her to play with the other children.

Sofia is so reserved, much like me. She prefers playing with adults more than other children. I can’t help but wonder if I’ve rubbed off on her or if its just how she is. I hope she will become more confident as she grows older.

Things do seem to be on the way up though.

Danielle xx


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