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I love photographs. Its a newer thing for me being interested in, I was never too fussed until I had children. The fact that kids grow up before you realise it makes being able to capture the moment so very valuable.

Im not exactly great at taking them and I really hate taking photos of myself but Ive only been a parent for just over 3 and half years and I already regret not taking more and not being in enough myself.

I find that I go through phases with it, it follows my mood. When I’m not ok I just don’t see the world the same way so I don’t feel the need to capture it, but when I snap out of it I feel the awful regret that Ill never get to see my babies faces at that age again.

Im trying at the moment to get out of a funk. Its been since Luna was about 3 months old and its just carrying on way too long. I barely have any photos from the past few months but I really need to get back on it.

I want my children to be able to look back at the photos we have taken throughout the course of their childhood, especially the younger years that they won’t remember and know how much they were loved, wanted and cared for.

I make a photo book every year using Photobox with all our favourite photos in monthly sections from the previous year. It takes a fair bit of effort and its not overly cheap but I always make sure to do it when they have a good sale on. I know me and the kids will appreciate it in the years to come, I already love looking back over them.

Danielle xx


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