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Feeling better


Sorry about yesterdays post. I was having a bad weekend for no reason in particular apart from the problems inside me, it happens a lot. Im feeling much better today.

Monday morning, fresh start and all that!

Thankfully its not as cold this morning, and there is a little bit of blue sky even. I bet thats partly why I’m in a good mood this morning. Unfortunately Im very much dictated by the weather which isn’t great when you live in the UK!

Me and luna are back from taking Sofia to nursery. Luna has had her feed but she’s not gone down for her nap as she usually would, I think its because she slept in this morning, I actually had to wake her up! Usually she dictates what time I get up each morning. She’s currently sat playing with some chunky animals with an ark. Its something we got her for Christmas and she absolutely loves it.


Things have definitely made a turn around with Sofia going to nursery. She doesn’t say she doesn’t want to go at all any more. She gets a little upset still at drop off but getting ready to go on a morning is much easier. I can’t believe how quickly it turned around. We had 3 home visits from one of her teachers which Sofia really enjoyed and Sofia got her first finished reward chart on Thursday so she came home with a sparkly sticker on her top which she was so proud of.

Anyways I need to go and play with Luna while I get the chance.

Danielle xx

Photos are just some I took at the weekend.


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