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Up, up, up!

Things are defiantly looking up!

Its not big changes or anything, to be totally honest I think a lot of it is down to better weather, as sad as that is, but I feel so much happier and content.

I didn’t feel down at all last week. Its been so refreshing. Ive not felt good consistently in at least 6 months.

Everything is much better on a morning taking Sofia to nursery, she is the amount of difficult I would expect for a 3 year old to get dressed on a morning which really does feel like a big win after how she was. Basically I think the main thing that has helped is my dad driving us half way to nursery each morning and we walk the other half, I think it was just too far for her to walk up hill. Its like I’ve got my lovely little girl back again!

We had a quiet week until Friday. While Sofia was at nursery we went to Luna’s 8-12 month review. She is measuring as she should do and everything else was ok but it looks like she’s being slow on the moving about front. Which to be honest I knew, she can roll and a tiny bit of bum shuffling but doesn’t seem at all interested in getting around.Β She does like to stand while holding hands but she can’t balance on her own and hasn’t figured out she could move if she moves her feet. Her sister was pretty similar when she was little, they just like to sit and play in the spot they’re in. Im not overly concerned as I think she will crawl in her own time as Sofia did.

Then in the afternoon we went back to Sofias Nursery for a “monster cafe”. It was very cute. The kids had been setting it up all week, making pictures, table decorations and baking. Sofia had helped decorate some buns and she wanted to make sure she got the one she did with two flowers on! She had also made a table decoration using some leaves she had found during the week and there was a painting of a monster on the wall that had her name on. She was the waitress for me, luna and my mum and she did a great job and was so proud of herself for it. Nursery has definitely made her so much more confident.

On Saturday we had a fairly slow home day then in the afternoon I had my hair cut. I had a couple of inches off and it looks so much better. I put off getting it cut as I don’t really like going to the hair dressers, Im no good at small talk for extended amounts of time, it feels awkward. But it is worth the awkwardness.

Then we went over to Doncaster on Sunday to see my mother in law which was lovely, its always good seeing family. Im a bit useless at planning things so we don’t do it enough, but we should. Chris’s siblings were there too and its so nice for the girls to spend time with their family.

It wasn’t an overly busy weekend, but it was one that I enjoyed. So glad I seem to be getting over my winter funk. I really don’t like the word funk but not sure what else to call it!

Danielle xx


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