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Tuesday 13th Feb 2018

I keep meaning to write on here but I don’t want this to just be a place that I come to moan about things but I’m struggling to write anything other than that.

Its not that I’m in the pit of a mood I’ve been in recently, Im admittedly not completely better but its not bad really either.

Im just at this point where I feel like im not failing, but I’m not doing a great job at anything either. Its meaning I have nothing good to talk about and I don’t want to just drone on about things I can’t change such as Sofia being a pain in the backside (its just usual 3 year old naughtiness) and how tiring night feeds are.

There are a couple of tiny good things Ive managed though which I guess I could talk about, don’t get your hopes up, its nothing overly interesting.

I am nailing drinking lots of water each day which is something ive tried to do for a long time and never managed (always hated water with a passion), im drinking at least 2 liters of water a day plus other drinks. Im not sure if the recommended is more or not but im happy with it. Cant really say its making me feel amazing or anything but if I don’t manage to drink enough in a day I feel awful so maybe it is doing something?!

Ive also started wearing makeup each day. Not a lot of makeup, just mascara and lipstick. I used to either do everything or nothing at all so I either looked decent or a total mess and I feel its making a huge difference to how I feel about myself.

I have managed to start menu planning again which is helping to keep organised. I wish I could say its keeping the cost of our weekly shop down but its not because for some reason my appetite at the moment is huge, I just can’t stop eating, so I’m keeping tons of snacks in that I wouldn’t usually buy.

Anyways I did manage to think of a couple of good things so that is something and I do feel a little better after writing this. I know its not really that interesting for anyone to read me ramble on but it really does help me put things into perspective. It was the main reason for me making this blog really.

Danielle xx


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